Daily Happiness Checklist

This is offered as a series of mantras which lead to happiness, not just a checklist to see if you have what you need to be happy. It is adapted from the Happiness Institute in Australia. If you say it and offer it to the Universe, the Law of Attraction says it will be so. ~Pam

  • I’ve reminded myself of my life purpose
  • I’m clear on my priorities for the day
  • I’ve engaged in exercise
  • I’ve planned to eat healthy
  • I intend to practice meditation/relaxation
  • I will not accept unhelpful, negative thoughts
  • I’m confident today will be a good day
  • I’m hopeful for the future
  • I’m grateful for the people in my life
  • I intend to praise at least one person today
  • I’m determined to find ways to use my strengths
  • I’m going to have fun
  • I will laugh and smile
  • I will endeavor to be in the moment as much as possible
  • I’ll savor all positive experiences

©2008 Dr. Timothy Sharp – the Happiness Institute

Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia