What I Miss Most

AA ECHO 2017
5 of 6 faculty from the original ECHO project (2017): L-R Erica DeFransceco, Donna Fedus, Kelly Papa, me, & Grace Martha Giannini.

For the past two years I’ve served my local community as Executive Director of a new assisted living. I’ve loved every minute of it. And I’m proud to say we’ve achieved one goal making it the best place to work in CT. Our team provides excellent care because they know we care. And yet, I feel like something’s amiss. My favorite days are the ones where I get to challenge my residents to a competitive game of cribbage, or listen to their stories about their grandchildren. And of course, as ED there are very few days where that is possible. I find myself longing for the days when I have a support group to facilitate, and eager to help families as they struggle with a family member with dementia.

So, Live Laugh LEARN team, I’m going to get back into the consultation role. I’m going to reach out to some folks and see if there are still families who may need some coaching on behaviors and meaningful activity throughout the day. Dementia care is my passion and as I reflect on the work of the ECHO Summit, I know that my WHY can only be put aside for a short while.

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